A person who's company you enjoy while also being able to engage in a healthy, non-committal sexual relationship
Adam is a confirmed bachelor. He has many friends. Many are Pants-On. However, from time to time he does have Pants-Off Friend.
by bachelorlife June 13, 2017
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A type of multifunctional outdoor pants noone has a decent name for which are both practical and stylish.
The name come from famousa german rapper named Daniel "little D" Tönnies.
Bro 1: Bro i gotta buy some new pants you wanna join in with me?
Bro 2: Sure you know what you wanna get?
Bro 1: Ye i gotta get some new Tönnies Pants
by Akinalol February 25, 2021
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The coolest guy in town, he gets all the lady’s and wears his pants inside out #wap #tits
Oh hey there Robby pants how’s it going
by Chazbeswag September 1, 2021
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To have orgies in a large pair of pants. Min. of 4 people.

Number 1 rule: "Just because my head isn't in there, doesn't mean you ignore me."
Number 2 rule: "No cabbage."
Number 3 rule: "Bring your own booze."
Number 4 rule: "Rules 2 and 3 were distractions. You're now pregnant."
Number 5 rule: Two people per pants leg until the pants come off then its a free for all.

Pants orgies is serious shit. WARNING! If you do not have big enough pants do not attempt. But nothing wrong with making sure the pants are snug and tight.
Do you really need one? Pants orgies is pretty damn clear.
by Amaris and Lilly May 6, 2012
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"Listening to his pants" is a dude being super horny and doing whatever his pants and dick are telling him to do
Wow Steve has really been "Listening to his pants" recently
by pollipol March 24, 2022
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When you catch someone with there hand in there pants, not pockets like in the pants like between pants and undies.
“Omg look it’s hands pants

Shut up hands pants”
by Crustytoast July 29, 2019
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