When a man has a woman that is just in his life for head. A warm up pants attitude is just breaking off those snap shut basketball pants and pointing to your cock
W.U.P.A ( warm up pants attitude)

yo, my wupa lives upstairs, stay in the car and make sure i don't get a ticket and no, you cant play the radio
by Eddie to the O April 01, 2010
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When shmegma leaks through your trousers.
Wow your yogurt pants must be made of cheesecloth. You’ve leaked shmegma onto my car seat!
by Tunod81 May 09, 2021
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The non-literal act of being sarcastic or using exaggerative language
Yo Jack fucked Tim hard last night. Really? Nah im just shitting ur pants(SuP) LOL
by Dulluie September 28, 2010
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Let’s not mistake this for a shart. This is a full on massacre in your pants. The doodie can’t be contained and not only drips out of your underwear but covers your legs.
Yo pal, what happened to Smiley last night? Oh dude he had to leave early because he had a shit your pants dirty incident
by Koknballz December 20, 2020
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