SWAT pants.

Many confuse this with pants that actual SWAT forces wears, but it has a very different definition.
SWAT pants are pants that are worn by drug dealers, terrorists, and others who do criminal activities.

SWAT pants are basically sweatpants, but are worn, when you know you there is a chance to be SWAT'd in the near future. (because you are a criminal, duuuhhh). This is because sweatpants are very comfortable, and are very handy because you will most likely end up for a couple hours in a police station, before they give you your jaily new official criminal uniform. (Which you will proudly wear in jail).
I use wear normal pants, but after becoming a terrorist, I now wear SWAT pants, so I am comfortably prepared for the SWAT team.
by Helkor December 30, 2016
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Middle aged white males, usually overweight, wear tan pants, plastic-rimmed "aviator" style eyeglasses, computer/electronics nerds. Personal hygiene optional. Button-down shirts, always tucked in. Go for Asian women, any "exotic" type will do, as long as he can be dominant. Mommy Issues. Heavily into cultural appropriation. Can find them in Asian martial arts, drum circles, Asian healing arts, or pushing the cart for their Asian wives in the grocery store. Usually insists on having at least 1 son.
"I knew he'd like Le's sister; he's a tan pants man."
by SOG3 January 07, 2021
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a fat man who sweats a lot playing video games naked, somtimes putting frozen burritos under his man titties to cool down
Fat Gerry was pulling a classic without pants move last night, fat ass was sweating buckets just trying to walk to the restroom to take a shit
by DIRTY MIKE 8787 August 22, 2015
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When a man has a woman that is just in his life for head. A warm up pants attitude is just breaking off those snap shut basketball pants and pointing to your cock
W.U.P.A ( warm up pants attitude)

yo, my wupa lives upstairs, stay in the car and make sure i don't get a ticket and no, you cant play the radio
by Eddie to the O April 01, 2010
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Sneaking a quickie before them bad ass kids come beggin for mom
Hey baby you wanna sneak away from these bad ass kids and do the sideways pants dance....you can put on a movie for them
by intheknow337 July 08, 2020
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