weird pieces of cloth you wear over your legs to restrain your manhood.
Greg doesn't like his manhood so he wears super skinny Pants
by ButterPasser420 June 10, 2014
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to p.; the act of pulling down another person's pants, us. sweatpants, in a public arena, for the purpose of public humiliation; pants, pantsed, pantsing
Liztiz pantsed Elyse in the common room during the Sox game, and she was mortified.
by Liztiz October 28, 2004
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1. Slang: One who is obnoxious or irritating

2. Slang: Replacement to the word Dick, in all contexts.
Yo , you're a fuckin' pants


That guy is a pants face
by Jelloflava February 16, 2006
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