devilish anti sex devices. Warning: pants made for girls are notorious for being even more difficult to beat, they can contain up to 4 buttons to be unbuttoned.
Dude, I was getting it on with this girl, but her pants were so locked up there might as well have been a padlock down there. So I gave up and found another girl with a skirt on.
by fatninjaporker January 29, 2011
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pants?...what are pants
by 2 very board people September 10, 2003
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An amazing sentient being whom seems to know all that there is to be known about stagecraft, lighting and technical issues.
Often refered to as: The Great Pant.
by Scarecrow June 05, 2003
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An over exaggerating, shiesty, SAE loving wrestling enthusiast
That is definitly pant.
by Pant October 30, 2003
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Highly attractive. Often used with a hand gesture simulating rolling down a pair of panties.
That girl is so pants!
by Zosoo Nog February 06, 2005
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stupid, useless item that people wear, in society....... silly city folk...
mr.smith is a queerbag, he wears pants......
by prince pwnage August 08, 2004
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