Those things that will inevitably be ruined on your period. They also tend to be removed by other people during sexual interactions. They are typically stored in drawers and you should probably wash them, otherwise they're going to end up not smelling very nice.
My friend and I really like to compare panties. That's not weird, right?
by KAMISAMA HATES YOU November 11, 2016
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The only thing between you and gettin' some ;-)

They walked to the door after getting out of the car. She beckons him inside. She wore a low-cut green dress and high heels. He can't help but eye her panties as she leans over to pet the family dog.

She leads him over to the sofa, and they sit down to watch some TV. She tunes the TV to some channel he can't remember. Then she puts the remote down for awhile. They watch in silence, laughing at whatever was funny. After about thirty minutes, she turns it off, and gets up to light some candles. She turns on the stereo to a soft classical. She sits back down next to him, silently unbuttoning his shirt. He sits up and turns to her, kissing her ever so gently on the neck. He then slips his hand over to her blouse, sliding it down to reveal firm breasts with nipples growing harder by the second. As she pulls down his pants and boxers, he finishes removing the blouse, revealing white lace panties. He slips his fingers down them, gently teasing her with his fingertips. She moans with anticipation. He takes her hand and places it on his shaft. She strokes it ever so gently. Just as they are about to climax, she removes her hand and his. She tastes herself on his hand. She stands up, allowing him to lay flat on the couch. She then turns around and places her moist, pleasant-smelling vagina just above his chest, and begins to pleasure him. He does the same for her.
Neither of them lasted for more than two minutes before they experienced nearly simultaneous orgasm. They lay in each other's arms, wishing the moment would never end...

by Thargus October 05, 2010
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Perhaps the creepiest word ever invented. When said to a female during copulation it conjures images of kitty porn, and in that awful feel sick to your stomach way.

Panties are the things girls wear under their pants or ruffled skirt, may or may not have the days of the week written on them.

Why can't we come up with a better word?!??!?!
Drew gave out a low, SUPER creepy whisper, "...take off your panties..."
She immediately wanted to vomit, and turn inside-out and then vomit again.
by The Nectarine Ballroom February 21, 2010
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A vestigal and hence slowly disappearing article of clothing intended to cover a woman's vagina. Descended from underwear, articles of clothing used to catch daily sweat and grim, and thus washed more frequently than outerwear, the panty has become obselete in the Industrialized world as most people now change and send to wash clothes at least once if not multiple times a day.

Though its shrank from knee-length briefs or knickers, the panty often comes into conflict with other intimate women's appeal including: pantyhose, garter belts, bustiers, teddies and body-stockings. Underneath form fitting clothes, the panty's tendencies to form an outline or "pantyline" is a universal concern among body conscious women in the United States and UK.

Because it explicitly covers the vagina and must be moved out of the way or moved completely before sex, it constitutes a socially significant barrier to intimacy and erotic play.
This was their seventh date and it was obvious Adam was dying to move past second base and on to intercourse. Jane yearned for it as well. Still, she couldn't just rip off her own panty without coming off as a domineering slut and Adam was far to shy to do it. Hence, they were reduced to a night of heavy petting and separately masturbating themselves to sleep.
by jls822! July 24, 2014
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(noun) An emasculated male; wuss.
Quit being such a panty and ask that bitch out already.
by Oprah February 21, 2003
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