A really awesome, interesting, funny and beautiful lady that you really want to make out with.
Wow, that chick is awesome. I want to make out with her. I'll call her Ally Pally
by Iwishihadapool August 30, 2006
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1. (Noun) In the context of World of Warcraft, the buff caused by a paldain using Divine Shield when at very low HP and about to die. This is often followed up by multiple casts of Holy Light. Incredibly annoying due to the fact that Divine Shield causes the paladin to become totally immune to everything except two other classes' special pally-bubble-popping abilities, AND that the paladin can still deal damage and heal himself while it is active.

2. (Interjection) A statement often screamed in response to a fucking pally bubble.
1. He was so close to dead, but then he popped his fucking pally bubble and killed me.

by Manabender March 10, 2010
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a couple name. the sweetest pair you'll ever meet.
guy one- "hey dude are u and rachel, a palli now?

guy two- "you know it!"
by djakjansjalqowkkdmdm January 27, 2017
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"pally" is used to describe friendship, however "pally pally" is mainly used to describe somebody two faced - being buddy buddy to someone's face and being snakey being their backs
Look at Emily! She was talking shit about Maddy now their acting all pally pally!
Yeah what a snake
by Effy Crouton May 22, 2021
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Pally pally can mean to act "buddy buddy" with a person or friendly with a person. It's main use is when somebody is acting snakey or two faced; talking rubbish about someone then acting "pally pally"
I swear Josh was talking shit about Alli, now he's acting all pally pally with her
by Effy Crouton May 22, 2021
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most nicest girl in the worlddd has very big boobs likes to ebjoy her time with freinds and isnt sure about who she really likes.
"wow that girl is a pally pocket"
by stonybaby January 29, 2009
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