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A Kauain delicacy which, in the most rudimentary terms, is flattened frogs. The frog, however, has to be specifically flattened by an automobile. To be considered true Paku Tata, the frog has to be cured in the sun for a week to ten days. Many factors dictate the final quality of Paku Tata, most important being the manner in which the living specimen meets its demise. If the animal is ran over from the head downwards, the buildup, and explosion, of the internal organs out of the abdomens will leave a bitter aftertaste to the person enjoying the delicacy. If the frog is ran over from the legs upwards, the Paku Tata will retain both the shape and texture, giving the taster a possibly one in a lifetime experience when consuming. Finally, the force in which the animal is flattened also comes into play, as a strong force will produce an even flatness and the Paku Tata will also soak up the texture of the asphalt, making the end product a true delicacy.
"Paku Tata is freaking AWESOME!!!!"
- Wayetender
by t3h BEAST September 25, 2006
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