- wyd

- im in pain (im thinking about soukoku/shin soukoku again)
by razor main March 22, 2021
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Name of a person who’s been through a lot, and does nothing but be supportive to everyone, she’s a super hot Latina that always has your back when you need it the most. She’s a methodical thinker that perceives the world in a unique way.
We all want to be like Pain.
by Awesomeboii March 21, 2021
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Pain is when you become self-aware. Yoh are aware the things you like might not be accepted in a normal social setting.
Person 1: Hey, I know you like Naruto, so I got you this keychain!
Person 2: Thank you. Pain.

Person 1: Pain?
Person 2: Pain.
by Kai.:> October 06, 2020
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Pain. Pain is when mum or dad come in and say to clean up your room but really your trying to clean up your mentally disturbing thoughts. Pain is when you know you are trying your best but Mum and dad dont see that and constantly say try harder, do better, focus. Pain is when they said they would stay with you forever but it only takes a few weeks until they leave you broken without a decent reason. Pain is when you notice you and your mates are drifting apart. Pain is when someone calls you something that hurts. Pain is when you are loosing your grip every single day and get closer and closer to just....you know :(
Them: I love you. I promise I'm not like the others.
Also Them: *leaves you unexplained, or for a stupid hurtful reason or some dumb stuff*

You: *next few weeks crying, hurt, numb*
via giphy
by va1liddd May 29, 2021
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A one-word sentence that indicates any misfortune, often used sarcastically to imply the speaker is not actually that pained, but is still contemplating about their life choices regardless.
Joe: Did you do the assignment that's due in 4 minutes?
Joseph: pain.
by joe robles November 20, 2020
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Student 1: "I forgot to do the assignment"
Student 2: "pain."
by joe robles November 05, 2020
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