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A test that can ba administered easily on a person one is interested dating. Take your date out to a restaurant that serves raw oysters.
A. If HE eats them with a straight face, he will have no problem eating pussy and will provide many years of great labia licking service. Women usually hang on to these kinds of guys.
B. If SHE eats them with a straight face, there is a great chance she will put just about anything in her mouth! She probably sucks a mean dick, swallows cum willingly, and perhaps does a few other nasty things your last girlfriend wouldn't dream of. Favorable results equal a passing score!
A. You know Jamie, I like had this date last night, and you know, I gave him the oyster test, and he like devoured them all! It was like so sexy. I like had to have him right away! He made me cum like 7 times. I hope he doesn't have a girlfriend. I'm like getting so horny again just talking about it!
B. Hey Jim, did that girl you took out last night pass the oyster test?
Yeah! She sucked down two dozen and loved every second of it. I cant wait for the next date!
by hanksbeer August 20, 2008
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