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Oxford Road is a road in Manchester that joins directly to Wilmslow Road providing transport throughout the city and nobody knows exactly where Wilmslow Road ends and Oxford Road begins.

Fed up with rural life, Roy Wilmslow decided he would begin building a road to travel through to the lively city centre. At the same time Andrew Oxford decided he would also build a road from Manchester to Didsbury. Without knowledge of the others plans, they wer shocked as half way through making their roads the two roads joined and the pair could not reach a decision other than to name both sides of the road and have it as 1 road.

Oxford Road is known for its more industrialised part of the road with its universities and clubs and BBC offices.

The remaining Wilmslow family still reside in Didsbury and pride themselves of their heritage. Every now and then power mad family members try to campaign to get the entire road named as Wilmslow Road which have been unsuccesful to date.
Are we on Oxford Road yet?
by GF November 18, 2006
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