An incredible folk punk band from Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Teague Cullen and some of his family and friends. The band has been mostly inactive, but in extremely late 2021 they posted a song entitled Cornflake Eyes to YouTube, their first activity since around 2017. Pretty kickass with great songs, I definitely recommend it.
A: Dude, Foot Ox posted a new song on YouTube almost a year ago.
B: I thought that guy was dead.
A: So did I.
by s3r4ph1m October 3, 2022
the act of shoving your self in a ox through its anal passage
lexi you should go Ox-yourself
by spaydes_ January 29, 2021
rabbit: look! I can hop onto the tree!
duck: wow! (:Ox)__
by 可樂餅 December 3, 2022
A bitch that is epic
Woah I they are an Lf Ox
by May 24, 2021
In the act of anal sex, the girl squeezes her buttox and jerks away really fast. Leaving the man's Tally Wacker in pain.
"WOW, that bitch gave me a Jerky ox last night. I'm going to dump her ass."
by delli June 6, 2007
This is when you have a stomach that can endure eating everything including rotten cheese. Lets just paint the picture.. You are sitting with your friends eating some taco soup and you reach into the fridge for some cheese to put on top..... you didnt know it but the cheese expired by quite a bit...... you all partake in the full meal including the cheese. Shortly everyone gets sick except one........ That person is crowned with the the prize..... They have STOMACH OF THE OX!!
Dude.... I cant believe you ate that.... You must have Stomach of the ox!!!
by Jmontana August 4, 2022
That nose ring is so gross, she's a typical Ox thot.
by Sprongled December 12, 2018