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Memes, news articles, TV segments, email forwards, or other forms of media that are designed to invoke outrage. This is especially true for political-related topics. Viewers of outrage porn often become addicted and spend many hours per day trying to seek new outrage highs.
Liberal: "The Daily Kos had some good outrage porn today. Apparently some conservative said something stupid."

Conservative: "I just read an email forward that said Obama is going to turn all of the white people into slaves and make us all Muslin!"
by JackAbramoff September 19, 2010
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When the meadia and political establishment react in outrage at an event yet provide no real explanation other than increasing levels of outrage aimed at stiring blind, frothy, hate.
man 1:
I feel really confused about what is happened with all the riots and stuff

man 2: yeah I just feel kind of guilty and useless after wayching all that outrage porn on the BBC
by jknoxsc August 26, 2011
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