1. No chance of acheiving what you originally wanted, having no luck left.

2. There being no possble way that something will ever happen.
Boy: (looking at the new X-Box 360)
Mom: If you want that, you better save up some money or your shit outa luck.

Boyfirend: (laying in bed waiting for sex)
Girlfriend: HA! Your Shit outa luck if you think your getting any tonight!
by Anonymous1996@holyshit.edu October 10, 2010
Phased used as a suprised reaction to either juicy gossip or a titillating tidbit
Person 1: Did you Jacqueline is dating a man 20 years her junior

Person 2: Are you serious omg get outa town
by fvckmike May 10, 2015
An expression that can be used in many different ways:
1. Yelling at someone to leave your residence
2. When you don't believe someone
3. When you are mad at someone
4. To show dominance
5. Just anywhere
1. Bob, get outa my house! Right now!
2. For reals? No.. Get outa my house
3. F**k you! Get outa my house
4. Awww, you just got wrecked! Now, get outa my house!
5. Bob: "sup man?"
Antonio: "get outa my house!"
by Cucci cucci coo May 24, 2011
In beer pong, the act that must be performed by a player who throws a pingpong ball so vigorously at the opposing player's cup that the cup spills and the contents of said cup are spilled onto the carpet.
Boy 1 throws the ping pong ball at Boy 2's cup, and the cup spills.

Boy 1 - "Uhh... What happens now?"
Boy 2 - "Just fill the cup up and drink it, but just know usually they'd make you suck it outa the shag!"
by Lukeapotomous January 23, 2011
Its self explanatory.
Boss: "You are going to have to stay late and work on the project your co-worker didn't finish."

Employee: "Eat the corn outa my stool!"
by majic mountain December 17, 2009
This is referring to goofy from the show mickey mouse. Goofy is usually messing up things before anyone else has the chance to do so themselves. This may sound like a formal explanation but this phrase means of nothing formal at all. In conclusion, to beat the goofy out of someone would be kicking there butt until they actually believe that they cant mess up anymore because they have no goofy left in them.
Boy im gonna beat the goofy outa u if u spill one more soda on my carpet!
by Db leedtthj December 23, 2016