when someone is being annoying asf
jaiden- “hey man what is 2+2?”
zach- “mannnn watch out with that bs
by zachary irl December 8, 2021
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Using a door as a weapon (accidentally or not) by slamming it into someone.
*Terroriser gets crushed by a door*

"Watch out for the doors, folks. They're not just a great band -- They'll kill you!"
by Someone who kinda exists March 13, 2022
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A vague warning that could mean anything, with a variety of usages, such as frightening people, alarming people and actually giving caution.
Thog: *Standing on road, with a truck coming from behind*
John: Watch out for the moles!
Thog: Thog don't caare.
by the moles are coming November 29, 2018
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what you use to get pass a person quickly not necessarily in your way but you still want to be a an asshole
me: (passing through a group of people) ey watch out real quick! dawg. my bad i didn't mean

Them: (murmering) Dick head
by Xxcyclonexx March 3, 2017
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winning a game by whiffing basic quarter-circle inputs repeatedly
I was tympin out dude- first I anti-aired his jump in by getting 2H trying to spam the sword throw motion, then I stuffed his dash in by getting 6H still trying to throw the damn sword. it was a real FT moment. :pensive:
by Turrnip June 19, 2021
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