The word for a hardcore fan of something, usally anime. Most otakus know almost everything about what they like, and don't leave home due to loving that thing they go otaku for. Often people don't like being called an otaku, because to some it means that they have a very weak social life due to their fandom.
OMG such an otaku!
by Darkshadowstorm March 29, 2019
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An otaku is like the American word for " Geek " , But doesn't mean geek. Otaku means a person who is obssessed with anything anime. Such as Cosplay anime characters, Likes reading manga, watching anime, becoming a weeb etc.
This manga will excite the otaku generation! -???
by Makimakiisapotato December 07, 2018
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Someone who doesn’t shower and gives off a horrible smell

Someone who doesn’t put on deodorant
“Bro, I sat behind a dude in my last class that smelled like an otaku. It was the worst”

Please take a shower, or put on deodorant so you won’t smell like an otaku.
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by bruh2100 October 21, 2019
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anyone who don't like to go out have fun,instead,he or she spend time at home doing stuff like watching TV,surfing online. In other words,indoor people.
Yang is really a Otaku boy,he even spends his spare time at home instead of having fun outside the house.
by hmmbmm April 09, 2010
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Someone who doesn’t want to admit that they are a weeaboo
Shut up, I’m not a weeaboo! I’m an otaku!!
by Boodian January 15, 2018
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A person who is obsessed in anime and manga and appreciates the people who are not interested in particular anime or manga in general unlike the WEEABOO. Otaku is not referring to British or European. Otaku are only Asians or Japanese who watch Anime and read manga a lot
I am an otaku and happily recommend some good anime to watch for my friend.
by ShiroKun November 19, 2017
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A loser or a nerd. Someone who is so consumed by anime they think it is cool.
If you like anime, you are an otaku
by Xxxjojobean420xxx June 24, 2020
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