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A small country town turned new age suburbia. it is one of the fastest growing towns in the chicagoland area. most of the kids that attend school here are in the high upper middle class. they are the home of the oswego panthers and the oswego east wolves. there are 2 high schools, 4 junior highs, and 11 elementary schools. the two largest major cliques you will find here are A: preppy rich white kids. and B: drug addict skater kids. and there a large handful of mixes of these two groups. the local "hangout" is this little roach-infested ice cream shop called Dari Hut. Home of CYSO flute player Ryan Z. The marching band played in the rose bowl and the football team has gone to state before. on february 11th 2007 a car accident occured that broadcasted on national news. Carino is a bitch. there are a lot of people here who think they are cool but they are just gay. thats oswego for you, dont move here!
Laguna Beach + small farm town = oswego illinois
by Mike Bass October 13, 2007
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the dumbest town ever. nothing to do. stupid kids who think their ghetto. everyone agrees hallahan should be president.
"yeah im thinking of moving to oswego illinois"
by ninja numero dos April 02, 2010
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Oswego Illinois is the BEST TOWN EVER. some people think it sucks because they are chicago wannabes, but it is actually a lot of fun if your not inside whining and playing video games all day. Like going for a run out into the country or visiting the village grind orr dairy hut! Theres also a nice library and a pool ( the civic center) . I loveeeeeeeeeee OSWEGO (: all yu oswego haterss go move to chicagoo !
person: OSWEGO ILLINOIS is so boring.
person2: No its not.
by XC57777 December 22, 2010
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