Operating System. Some are designed to be available to everyone (Linux :).
Some are designed to take your money (Windoes :().
# Examples of OSes #
Free/Open BSD
MacOs X
by :) February 6, 2005
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Latin for "mouth". Used to describe the small opening of a woman's cervix, either on the vaginal side of the cervix, or on the uterine side.

Pronounced: "Oz" or "Oss"
"The cervical canal has a constricted opening or os at each end. The internal os communicates with the cavity of the uterus; the external os, with the vagina."
Knowledge is power.
by PupNTaco June 11, 2005
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oS stands for Old School. 'Tis an abbreviation for oS.

The lowercase-then-uppercase type is a way of making it look cooler. "oS" originated from Nitto 1320 Challenge, where we painted oS on our cars while on the team OldSchoolRacing, and even use oS on our cars to show that we've been playing for a long time and say it in chats across the web to this day. A note, oS should not be said in real life, you just say "Old School".
Ice Cube is Old School.
Ice Cube is oS.

The oS's are what makes OldSchoolRacing the best.
by protectmeaura December 12, 2006
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Loosely translates to Blackest Man Alive tend to have numerous genitalia, Human Hershey Bars below their pectorals, BBC's and diamonds for teeth. They are very successful at obtaining digits rehardless of their sexual orientation.
Ladies, getting yourself an Ose is like polygamy, but it's not
by Machomaney November 1, 2017
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Os is the initals of a very special person. The most beautiful hair, and eyes you can get lost in. Most of all, she’s one cool gal.
Hey! Isn’t that Os? She’s so awesome!
by Maybe.ken February 20, 2022
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Two SYTYCD fans chatting: Saw it on a Pops Poll on OS.
by L.Skywalker March 10, 2009
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