A good rom which gives others butthurt so they have to act like a bunch of retards and spread hate.
Did you try Havoc-OS? It's really good.
by sensible_person September 17, 2019
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( Verb ) When you put chez on de crackers bu noo it gon mad
Aaaaaaaaaaaa! I Chedseeeee os g sj sjsed!!!
by Cheeses of the Deep March 31, 2022
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So complicated! I like the EIIGY POCR OFF version. It has dots to connect with a more accurate connection. It just looks better too. Found mine at EIIGY.com.
As an Ohio State fan, "EIIGY POCR OFF Michigan" is on my favorite t-shirt. Elisy ose polar opp is too long to add "Michigan" to it.
by Eiigy Pocr Off November 5, 2016
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