Literally means "huh?" in Japanese. Popularized by Kenshin in "Rurouni Kenshin" when he uses it in funny situations.
by T-13 June 5, 2003
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A term Kenshin uses when confused or minorly hurt
by Himura Kasumi May 13, 2003
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When your really confused or hit and act like kenshin himura.
Kenshin beats Saitou
Kaoru: Im sooo happy u won (Hugging him tightly)
by Comz May 2, 2004
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A Japanese expression of confusion. Often used by otaku to indicate confusion/disorientation. People who read/watch "Rurouni Kenshin" may pick up the habit of saying "Oro!" because Himura Kenshin says it often in the manga/anime.
*after getting smacked in the head repeatedly* Oro! XD
by Tomoko-chan February 28, 2006
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A word used when suprised or confused.
-She threw her shoe at him for no reason.
~>.< Oro??
by nekobaby89 July 3, 2003
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it's a word used by the main protagonist, Kenshin, in the anime, Ruruoni Kenshin as an expression. it doesnt really mean anything in particular but it does get it's meaning from the manner in which the character says it.



by scarlet_bliss January 4, 2005
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It's what Kenshin Himura says in Rurouni Kenshin whenever he gets hit in the head with something. Like a teacup or a brick or something of the sort.
"I'll get you!" -Some silly asian man.

"Kenshin! Look out!" - Kaoru, his chick.

*BONK* "OROOOOO!" - Kenshin.
by Nick July 7, 2003
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