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A quaint sailing village with a drinking problem, located in eastern North Carolina in Pamlico County on the Neuse River. Also known as O-Town, Oriental harbors more boats than people. Oriental is home to the O-Town Hustlas, and hosts such annual events as the Croaker Festival and the Tarpon Tournement. The prefered passtime in O-Town is getting fucked up.
Person 1: What do you want to do in Pamlico County tonight?
Person 2: Lets go get blitzed in O-Town

You know all about those Oriental Girls
by O-Town Hustlas August 24, 2005
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Guy: Did you hear? Oriental is Hannah's favourite noodle flavour.
by Hannah April 18, 2005
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1) A type of rug
2) A term that your grandparents still use for people of asian descent despite you constantly telling them it is not politically correct
Grandparent: There are a lot of orientals here

Grandkid: Actually that term is -

Grandparent: Oh look there's one not eating a dog what a strange sight
by liberalyahoo June 04, 2017
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