an exitement you get when you are fucking, men release cum and women moan and scream.
Sarah went to Jake's (her boyfriend) house. He wore nothing but blue boxers. She asked him if she could see his room, and they went up. When they were there, she lured him to the bed. They kissed and touched, then she gave him a really good blow job. He ripped all her clothes off and threw them at the floor. Then, he rolled her over until she was on her back on the bed, and he put his penis in her vagina. She started moaning and screaming "faster, harder, uhhhh uhhhhh fuck ya fuck me harder!!!!" Then, her orgasm started his and hhe felt his erection swell up and he squirted cum into her over and over again. Then it happened again.
by sexluvr April 08, 2009
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for a woman:
the climax of sex
usually stimulated by: sex, oral or vaginal, or rubbing the clitoris..

it's sort of a
tickling pinching sensation and then shaking and slight tingling in ones body that flutters from inside out to your fingertips and toes and you feel totally relaxed and in those few moments you think of nothing, you only breathe.
i had an orgasm last night! it was great!
by sdflksjdflksjdlfkjsjflsj January 02, 2008
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A sign that indicates its time to stop having sex. Without this valuable indicator, one would have sex until they spontaneously combusted.
Be a gentlemen, give your girl an orgasm.
by mhodge87 April 17, 2009
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the hight of sexual arousion
the best thing you'll ever feel
oh oh OH YEAH baby yes, oh yea baby keep going oh ohmygod this is the best orgasm ive eva had oh oh yea dont stop, YES YES YES
by Anonymous October 24, 2003
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"Oh my - fucking! Wow. Ooooooooh yeah. Harder. Uh! Ooooooh keep going, don't stop!" Orgasms usally result in the woman using a lot of imperatives =
by Cranberry pie January 16, 2007
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An orgasm is proof that there is a God.
"Oh God, yes, mmm, harder, faster, yes!"
This, is proof that "God" exists, because, obviously she just had the best orgasm ever, and felt a need to tell God. :p Yeah, I don't know either.
by Keithypoo May 28, 2006
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N. What happens as a result of women using herbal essences.
That girl just had an orgasm.
by Mike April 27, 2004
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