Josh tangled his fingers in Amys hair. They began kissing. He slid his hand down her back. He undid her bra. He stopped kissing her and slid his tounge right down hes chest, and between her boobs. He decided to take it a little farther. He took off his pants, tore off his shirt, and slid off her panties. Amy bent down, grabbing at his dick. She slowly licked the tip. "oohhh..." Josh said. He felt an orgasm comming on. Amy looked into his eyes and knew it too. She shoved his dick down her throat. And that was enough. Cum whent everywhere. She licked every last drop of it. Josh took the lead. He took his penis, and shoved it in her vigina. "Oh... More... MORE! Josh I love you baby. Keep it up" she screamed. Josh whent quicker. Harder. Faster. This was it. Amy screamed! She was loving it. Her toes curled. And Josh's parents opened the door...
by M-Aron April 03, 2011
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An Orgasm, like a Heart Attack, is an intense series of involuntary muscle contractions commonly followed by a long, deep sleep.
She got on top and started grinding, then all of a sudden she started to scream. I couldn't tell if she was having a heart attack or an orgasm.
by YouPorn Jude January 13, 2012
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when your whole body tingles and explodes as your toes start to become numb and you gasp for breath
i was home one night alone and i was so unbeleivably horny. i sat on my bed, running my hands all over my body, throwing my head back as i pushed my fingers inside myself. The slow motion soon turned into a fast one and i moaned louder and louder as i felt pleasure run through my body. At that moment, my fingers found my g-spot and i screamed as my vagina pulsed around my fingers, now wet as ever.
The next morning my boyfriend came home and i was still horny from the night before. I got him up against the wall and kissed his neck, kissing lower and lower down his body, i undone his trousers and kissed his cock gently. I put the tip of his cock in my mouth and sucked slowly, getting it nice and wet. i put his cock further down my throat and began to move my head back and forth faster and faster, rubbing his balls as i did this. I moaned and looked up at him, it made me so horny to see him so pleasured. i then ran my hands along his hard abs. I gagged just enough that my throat could close up on his cock just the slightest to give him maximum pleasure and he exploded in orgasm. i then smiled as i swallowed every last drop, licking his cock to make sure id got it all.
by kaitem December 29, 2009
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what you type when you mispeal organism
"Is the science HW on Orgasms?"

by FeggyLorg March 08, 2019
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The highest point of sex/sexual intercourse where...
The woman/girl’s eyes roll back in their head, also called eye rolling orgasm.
The woman/girl’s legs start shaking
The woman/girl’s vagina starts beating like someone’s heart very fast.
Or the woman/girl starts moaning various times in different pitches and ways to say or scream something.

He thrusts his dick fast and hard on a girl’s pussy
Or he cums

Or to compare something very good to an orgasm.
1. Jack gave me an orgasm last night while we fucked, I moaned so loud and so many times. My eyes also rolled back in my head, it gave me a headache but it felt amazing!
2. Jill made me orgasm last night, broooo. I cummed all over her wet pussy. She loved it!
3. The ice cream I had tasted so good, as good as an orgasm. But I don’t think it was ice cream.
by peachyykleen December 27, 2019
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The best feeling in the world. When a man or woman climaxes. The peak point of sex.
"Wow! That was amazing. That was the best orgasm I ever had."
by tahareh July 18, 2005
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At the moment which one experiences it, it cannot be said that one forgets, for forgetting, though a truly passive action, is too active for our situation. At the said moment or moments in time which one experiences an orgasm, there is no thought at all whatsoever. In this state of no thought, one acknowledges existence, yet is unable to think. One exists, but barely so. That is an orgasm.
by anonymous^X July 20, 2006
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