Arguably the most classic of classic computer games. The best version will always be the original DOS release.

It's fun to name everyone in the party after people you don't like, and then just send them off with a bunch of oxen and nothing else, especially not food.
Jack: Damnit! I tried to ford the Snake River and all my fucking oxen and half my party died!
Jill: Well, how deep was the river?
Jack: Something like 36 feet at the center. That's shallow enough to ford, isn't it?
Jill: ...
Jack: Right?
Jill: ::smacks yo silly ass::
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An originally apple computer-based game by MECC, that any current college-age person surely played as a child, as far back as on a green-tinted computer monitor
Sweet... today we get to play Oregon Trail in computer class!
by sloops March 11, 2005
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me:do you remember when I first came on the oregon trail?
ex: yeah, we came together
by vateverya September 29, 2011
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Oregon Trail: Normally performed in restaurants and or school. It is the act of sending your gassy discharge in a genral direction, generally north or south, (not just a sloppy spray). If done correctly you should feel as though you shated a small marble that is carried on the currents of your ass. Very exzilerating..
Yo, my warm shit breath just took the oregon trail and heated my gooch and tickled my ball hairs....most triumphant

Oh fuck, something fell out the back of the wagon on that oregon trail and left skids all up the crack of my ass, yo
by corterized balls October 25, 2004
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Oregon trail is used to describe the trail of hair that leads from a persons chest to their gentials. This is similar to a happy trail but the person is from Oregon.
Jason really needs to trim his Oregon Trail if he ever wants me to blow him.
by Eld Fen November 2, 2018
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the act of deficating on a said persons chest starting at the naval and directing upwards toward the chin region
have you ever been on the oregon trail for the purpose of oregon trailing?
by E-jackulator August 6, 2010
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To journey over dangerous or rough terrain weighed down by provisions
We live across the street from the supermarket, so instead of driving, my roommate and I usually Oregon Trail our shopping cart full of groceries back to our apartment, dodging rush-hour traffic.
by emrysaki September 28, 2008
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