(noun.) someone who dresses an behaves properly. someone with self-respect, who wakes up every morning well aware of what occured the night before, and never finds himself ashamed of the events he may have taken part in the previous night. This man is the polar opposite of a bro.
guy#1: dude you looked so fresh at the party last night, and volunteering to be the designated driver... totally orb of you.

guy#2: yeah dude once again you looked like a jackass.

guy#1: really? oh man i was so totally schwasted last night!
by the urbster September 16, 2010
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This is someone you would consider the perfect dude. The definition of a true bro. Athletic, Sexy, Cunning, Smart, Classy, Goodlooking, Ladies-man, Gentleman, Awesome, Eccentric, Erotic.

Will: Is that ORB?!?! I want to be just like orb.
Adam: Why yes, yes it is! ORB! ORB! ORB! ORB
by gulllaker12 November 18, 2010
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O.R.B is an acronym for obnoxious rich bastard.
Hey Brock, check out that rich bitch over there. Shes such an orb..
by jayman77 October 31, 2014
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1 : any large red spherical cranium
2 : any individual posessing a large red spherical cranium
3 archaic : something circular : CIRCLE, ORBIT
Quit micromanaging me you stupid jerk orb.
by Hugh J. Orb April 29, 2003
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Spherical colored glass or polished brass lawn decoration product popular among suburban dwellers with too much time on their hands. Often used in conjunction with an equally ill conceived lawn pedestal. Due to their globe shape and typical poor mounting on the cheap pedestals, these orbs will often roll into a neighbors yard when blown by a strong wind.

1) "what the fuck....could you pick up your stupid orb?"

2) "their orb stayed there for like six months until I kicked it under a bush"
by johnny speed rocket October 08, 2007
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