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A female baby name given to children by parents who like to smoke the ganja.

Oralie is pronounced "Ora-Lee" but can sometimes be mistaken for "Ora-Lie", "Oh-rally", "Orly" or "Orally", especially amongst substitute teachers and strangers.

Oralie comes from a Galeic word "Oral" which means Golden Dawn or in North America and every new person you ever meet, it means most commonly as using your mouth for sexual pleasures. Also, if your name is Oralie, the French will try to speak French to you because your name sounds French.

Most people named Oralie have a tendency to dislike the common people. And like the song Auralie by Elvis Presley.
"Hey Oralie, is that a French Name?"
"Oralie? Like, Oral Sex?"

"What's your name again? Ora... oralie?"
by oralie June 30, 2017
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