The most Amazing African-American woman who ever lived. Not only is she a billionare, she single-handedly turned millions of white soccer moms into her personal slaves. White women follow her like sheep
Oprah Winfrey : "Lissen white people. Buy this book. Ah sez its the best even though the author lies like a rug."
White soccer moms: "Yessum Miz Oprah! We do annyting you say Miz Oprah!"
Oprah: Now pay to attention to mah freend Doctor Phil. He know how to make yew wenches satisfy yo' bucks".
White soccer moms: "Lawdy!, We be hanging on all his words Miz Oprah."
by FederalQ2b February 11, 2006
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Top Definition
Talks black to blacks, white to whites, but loves the green, am I right?
Halle, Girl, I am so mf-ing excited to see that ghetto ass in Catwoman!
Miss Kidman, how is your 401K?
OOOOO, AHH, money in my pants!
by Kris Benson March 29, 2005
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The source of all men's problems. THis bitch has ruined all mens lives by teachin women to be more independent and to basically fuck up mens lives. SHE MUST ME STOPPED!!
Oprah Winfrey has fucked up my life because my wife thinks sex is evil due to this fat bitch.
by Giants8189 June 11, 2005
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fat thing of indeterminate gender (posing as a female) that is a major cause of the soccer mom craze worldwide. Host of a television show that broadcasts insincerity and bitchiness across the world.
Get rid of NASCAR and Oprah Winfrey and America will be perfect again.
by Invierno October 15, 2005
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A condescending yo-yo dieting and especially wealthy talk show host. She manages to fake empathy with many a fan and brainwash numerous women with cheap advice or quick fixes to life. She appears self centered and completely absorbed with herself for becoming famous. For example when that writer lied to her on her show, it was for lying to the almighty Oprah, instead of deceiving her fans or many other individuals. Instead of taking a real stance on important issues Oprah uses soft media or sob stories to grab ignorant people's attention and create a fan base.
Mrs. One: "Did you see?! Oprah Winfrey put that man who sold her bad Chinese food on trial!"
Mr. One: "Hmm.. shouldn't she focus on the unstable economy or that horrendous war instead of these trivial issues?"
by the exestential onion October 11, 2008
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A rich and famous woman who can shit money - Basically, her asshole is an atm.

Oprah Winfrey: -takes a shit-

*5 mins later, goes back to her show.*

Oprah Winfrey: I just took a big shit, now who wants a brand new mansion for free?
by bas fon August 01, 2008
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An alien that can change her weight every day by the hundreds and shit money. It's famous for single-handedly twisting American women round it's finger turning them into it's bitches. It has an ego the size of the universe, and henceforth believes the universe revolves around itself.
I'm Oprah winfrey. give me your life.
by OPOPL October 25, 2009
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