A gentleman that inflicts immense amount of pain on oppositions for being disloyal or just some hating ass, goofy ass in visuals. A “ pussy nigga beater “
Call “ Beat a Opp Remy ” that mf Quincy talking shit again
by Remy Ro November 22, 2021
A opp picker is a fren that like to become frens with a person the other fren doesn’t like js to get on the one frens nerves
“You wanna be my fren?suchandsuch don’t gotta know”opp picker
by Lu zyyy January 23, 2023
Damn tis the season it’s opps in the air .
Y’all heard bout tirehead?
National opp day is November 24th
by Jay killer 😂 November 25, 2021
A mf who rolls with his homies opps
Austin: Yo did you hear Chris is an opp rider?!

Diego: Yeah bro I saw him hanging with your opps the other day
by asnaustin November 25, 2021
Ean The Opp, The sentence to describe your worst enemy
Ayo, Watch out for Ean The Opp
by Fals The Opp January 12, 2023
So complicated! I like the EIIGY POCR OFF version. It has dots to connect with a more accurate connection. It just looks better too. Found mine at EIIGY.com.
As an Ohio State fan, "EIIGY POCR OFF Michigan" is on my favorite t-shirt. Elisy ose polar opp is too long to add "Michigan" to it.
by Eiigy Pocr Off November 5, 2016
When Charlie stahl tells all the girls that you called them boring after it was a secret conversation in Zachs loft
Charlie was such a fucking chag opp sophomore year!
by XDripppX September 3, 2022