A snitch of some sort.
yo did you hear lexi snitched she’s an opp
by September 18, 2021
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Cop: so who sold you the drugs
Sam:it was Jacob

Jacob:Sam you’re such an opp
by Doofygoofyhandymandy January 23, 2020
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Someone who is always out to get anyone they dislike in trouble

Someone who always runs to the police or the office
A snitch

Someone who needs cops or another adult to solve their problems
Always snaking people and getting them in unnecessary shit
"She/He's such an opp"
by Shweta Aggarwal May 13, 2018
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A slang term, mainly used in the streets, by "thugs", to secretly refer to their male lover, or "boo". This was they can feel like no one knows what they are talking about, since the people who make up these gangs are typically known for being extremely terrified that someone might even THINK they might be gay. That is their worst nightmare, instilled at a young age. But, like telling a kid not to open the cookie jar, the new generation seem to have began participating in this lifestyle, first, to find out why people said it was so bad(like they told us about weed, in school), and then they began to develop feelings for each other, and just like in prison, most of the violence going on between these things is over their "Opps". BLM goes right out the window, when someone thinks someone else is moving in on their lover.
Damn dog, I can't go out right now, I'm watching "The Notebook", all cuddled up with my opps, yo. Ya'll just gonna hafta kill dem n***as with out me, tonight. I promised tonight was a special night..just the two of us. Sorry, hommie, but if you need my AK, you're welcome to use it. I know you need to go robbin' other N***as, so you can get your opps that blouse he's had his eye on. So, good luck, and remember, BLM, so remember the new rule, not to kill any more of us, than you need to. Unless you feel like it...then the rule doesn't apply. But you have to at least TRY and look like you care about the lives of our brothers and sisters! Remember! We only get mad, when anyone ELSE kills one of us. If they're in the street, and black, they're fair game! BLM is really finna save the lives of the people in our community. The very people, we rely on, to victimize, so I can feed my 7 baby mommas, and my seed, yo. I'm pretty sure all these dumb crackers have no clue what a sham it is. But screw 'em, they're whiteys, it's cool to make them feel guilty for us killing each other, like it was the coolest thing ever! BLM, but on my block, if you ain't from here, all that will matter to you is my AK.
by Shkdwnst July 22, 2020
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OPP- meaning as a rival gang member. A shortened version of "opposite" Get it now?
Dat opp yute better shut up before he gets banged
by BabaMiniMarket November 27, 2019
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Gang Rivals
1:"Aye man i saw 2 opps today in our hangout"
2:"if we dont pop first they finna do it"
by LiL' BubuLu August 17, 2019
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Opps are haters.
Jay: "always gotta prove the opps wrong."
by Officialx.a October 13, 2019
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