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The reaction you have when your middle-aged friend, who doesnt understand technology, takes a selfie, but the camera is meticulously positioned in such a way as to diminish wrinkles since they have never heard of photoshop. The resulting photo then makes them look like a serial axe murderer since a fear of showing their wrinkles means they would never smile for the selfie. It becomes more absurd when they actually think they had taken a good photo all the while you seem to die a little inside.
Marissa: I want to meet you in person.
Johnny: got pics?
Marissa: sure .(sends pics)
Johnny: wtf, why do you look like you hunt and kill innocence?
Marissa: wtffff...shut yo ass up bitch. You just jealous cause I'm fabulous.
Johnny: oodie shnew.
by Depelated August 06, 2018
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