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onomatelopasaurouseperino disease is a severe condition, in which the fallopian tube--most commonly used in star bucks--turns green and rots away. The rot of the green fallopian tube causes fatigue, irritability, heart palpitations, and Draymond Green to snapchat a photo of his dick. Symptoms include: runny nose, dry scrotum, an erection lasting more than four hours, and child labor.
Patient: "Hey doctor, I believe that I may have onomatelopasaurouseperino disease."
Doctor: "Oh shit! Guys, get on snapchat quick!" Everyone, but the patient, gets on snapchat hurriedly, "Damn, that shit's big!"
Patient: *Dies a horrible painful dreadful uneventful handful death*
by Prof. Meatloaf March 10, 2017
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