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The act of voluntarily removing your account in a social network. The reasons are many, one being the realization that you are wasting away your life with it when you could be doing something productive. It could also be a sacrifice to the gods. Like an actual suicide, the departure may result in many people missing you and the shedding of tears. After having gone through with an online suicide, there is generally a sense of relief and freedom. Congratulations, you can now carry on with your real life! Sign and wonder awaits you.
Joe finally realized that his facebook-abuse was negatively affecting his life by encouraging procrastination, mindless scrolling of statuses and photos telling of people's worthless lives and finally decided that an online suicide was the only way out. Afterwards, he felt like a new man and exlaimed with great relish: "Smeagol is FREEEE".
by Leumas Fyzz March 07, 2014
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