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While taking a dump, a person simply produces just one big long piece of shit that amazes the human eye. Although, this will be the only piece of shit you're able to get out during your entire bathroom session, the joy that comes with it is immeasurable. Common feelings include deep satisfaction, amazement, relief, and a well sense of being.
"I felt like my ass was gonna explode after all those tacos we ate man! But, instead I just had a one shit wonder! The thing had to be a good foot and a half long. So satisfying. So soothing"
by Mr Tasty May 29, 2009
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The act of someone taking such a massive shit that they don't feel the urge to go within another week. Usually, after someone pulls a one shit wonder, they feel very light-headed. It is also very common to occur during the nighttime.
"Why haven't you been going to the bathroom lately, son?"

"Last Tuesday I had a One Shit Wonder."

"Oh, I thought that was your father poopsterbating"
by Droidxl March 28, 2014
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