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The extent to which a girl's backside moves from side to side as she walks. The measurement is taken by eye from a position behind the girl, and to avoid any offence being caused or committed, it is inadvisable to walk too close. The range of 'wiggle' will depend on the build of the girl and her awareness of any onlookers, and can be as great as 3 inches. The extent of the 'wiggle' is most obvious in tight jeans.

Some respected commentators have suggested that the 'wiggle' is at its greatest when ovulation is about to take place. This would suggest that our ancestors needed to make a discreet signal when the female of the species was ready to mate.
"Woohoo, Donna had a 2 inch wiggle when I walked behind her on the way to our last class."
"Yeh, I saw her at the gym and thought was better than a One Inch Wiggle. You'd better take precautions when you go to the drive-in tonight!"
by Fiona BR September 14, 2017
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