A call out among stoners meaning "Immediately head for the stove for some spots" or short for "It's your spot"
I yelled "SPOTS!" and the stoners came running
by Dr. Stoned June 18, 2008
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It's basically the same as the woman's G-Spot, except the A-Spot it can be reached by penetrating the anus and going about 2-4 inches up until a small bump is felt. The A-Spot is found right next to the prostate gland. It is very sensitive, as is the prostate. It's very pleasurable for males.
The male got it in the ass and had the best orgasm of his life.
by Tuz September 24, 2003
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The male version of a "G-Spot." It's about 2 inches inside their ass.
"I hit my man's A-Spot last night and he exploded."
by No, it goes wOo WoO. June 12, 2006
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A unique way of smoking marijuana. Put two kitchen knives on a stove/oven/something really hot. You warm the knives up until they're very very hot, then you get both the knives (Make sure to wrap the part of the knife where you'll be grabbing it. Then, Get a little glob of weed, preferably about 1/2 of a bud then make sure it sits/sticks to one knife then crunch the weed with the flat part of both the knives, this should produce a large amount of smoke. Make sure theres a cut bottle for the smoke to raise into, then when its full, suck all the smoke out.. Its probably one of the strongest ways of getting high.

There maybe other definitions to this way of smoking it, but this is the name used in New Zealand.
Bob : I saw this chick spotting when I went to her house the other day?

Me: Oh true did you have some spots?

Bob : Hells yeah they fully fu*ked me up!
by darkmyst August 29, 2005
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British slang for acne/zits/pimples
“You do realise that I am a teenager and highly susceptible to spots, don’t you?” He asked with a snort. “With all the chocolate you are feeding me, you won’t be able to see my face next week.”

“Ahh, but I know someone who makes this great potion for teenage acne that is a personal invention and not readily available..."
by freeteen7 June 28, 2007
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Spotting is when you dab some cocaine with a finger and rub it on your gums.
I didn't have a straw or a dollar bill, so I tried spotting the coke instead.
by snail trail March 13, 2010
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Method of smoking pot using two hot knives from the stove and small amount of rolled up ganja. Most effective and cheapest way to smike da 'erb
Who's up for spots? Those 3 spots knocked me on my ass
by tim April 24, 2003
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