A name people name their dog when they can't think of something original.
"my dog spot loves to play fetch."
by kim October 17, 2003
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code name for a place to smoke marijuana
Yo, i'll meet you at the spot and we'll get fucked up
by Toohey August 8, 2003
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Pinpoint somebody or something. The term originated from the idea of assigning a spot to somebody on a map.
"Wuz gud son the girl from tinder told you where she stays at?"
"Naw bruh, but I spotted her online, I got her address and everything"
by mexicanspot May 11, 2017
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the word spotted stands for when your hole is palpitating and leaking because of someone.
Matt: Shut up bozo.
Deven: Omg u make me so spotted.....
by purrrrrrdspotted June 9, 2021
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To cover someone with money when they need it.
A place to skateboard, smoke bongs, chill or eat.
1. "I gotta bribe the UAE officials to get off the charge's. Reckon you can spot me until we get back to Australia?"
"Can yo spot me 5 bucks for lunch dude."
2. "I found a new spot last night. Its called the 'Mercury Manual'."
"Pull up here, this'll be a sweet 'chop spot'."
"The Spot will probably be pumping when we rock up."
"This looks like a nice Spot to eat our Fish N Chips."
by Diego August 26, 2003
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An erogenous zone in the female, located in the anterior fornix region of the vagina. (Also see G spot.)
by Brown Sugar March 19, 2003
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A place to chill or have a party.
"Ey yo malone da pawtys atcho spot tonight nigga."
by Sweat December 1, 2004
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