A hole in a wall, usually covered with artwork, used for putting your dick in. Not to be confused with a glory hole, this is straight dick to sheetrock action.
Aye bro is that a slippy spot?
by donthegod June 29, 2022
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A new definition I made that I want to popularize: When a football / soccer player scores ten goals in a match it should be called X Marks The Spot
Recently a soccer female player scored ten goals for England

Vivianette: That's an X Marks The Spot
by JDR_96 April 9, 2022
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The area on an animal or critter you scratch that makes their rear leg kick frantically
Oh, you found my fur baby's yub Spot.. Look at his leg kickin' like there's no tomorrow!!
by Ginger Viking Jesus January 10, 2021
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