When you fall asleep while doing anal.
I was at the bar when I found a slut. She let me do whatever. And then I woke up at with my dick in the dirty parking spot.
by Tiddylicker69 May 30, 2022
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The true “third spot” provides us with what we cannot get from work or home. It’s a spot to play, to converse, and to explore. It’s an inclusive and accommodating gathering grounds where relationships are built and grown. It’s your home away from home.
Let's meet at The 3rd Spot after work for a drink and some friendly competition.
by AMPUP November 23, 2021
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The exact location in your home where you receive maximum mobile internet signal.
"Dana moaned with pleasure when she finally reached The 4G Spot when the WiFi went down."
by Tard Ferguson September 9, 2020
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The F in The F-Spot stands for - Nothing. It is all your imagination. Whatever you think "F" can be.
The F-Spot serves the best Shawarma in Delhi
The F-Spot is easy to find
The F-Spot satisfies that hunger inside you
by nisshant November 24, 2021
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where a male sticks his penis in between a females tits during sex.
Chad stuck it right in the Glory Spot I even got a taste of his giant dick.
by 007630reeee? March 5, 2019
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"Where all the gamers hang out." - Noelle Miller
Noelle Miller- Oh The G Spot

Cody Ko- Where is that?

Noelle Miller- oh thats where all the all the gamers hang out
by YouSugarGayDude? May 28, 2021
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the domestic persian cat has a magic spot on their head right between their eyes - that when pressed in the right way they go in to a trance like coma stade allmost like when humans meditate.
Oskar the beautifull persian can be silensed for several minuttes when Pelle puts his finger between his eyes and mark his "magic spot cats" place...Oskar looks like at gopple melting bacwards ore like he has been smooking more than 60 joints -he drops his head an stones out with eyes open right untill you lossen your grib! All you have to do is place your finger between his eys and softly press it and here the coma starts!!!!
by piggy ride August 16, 2011
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