When you write a definition on urban dictionary to get on Rooster Teeth's not so hit show "On The Spot" in the game "Cunning Linguistics".
Dude tony, I am totally rooster spotting today and it will be so funny because Jon will read it! That's so meta XD
by Sam_Antics December 1, 2016
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Advice to give someone who has put themselves in a frustrating, dangerous, or dire position.
"So you cheated on your wife, pick your spots, man."
by Cricket Owlndog November 3, 2020
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When the driver of a g wagen discovers that he can go more than 80 km/h driving a Nissan patrol so he names a new climax spot on his girlfriend/wife after his new discovery.
Last night I found her patrol spot, Last night was great, I didn’t know about that patrol spot, Thanks to the patrol spot I felt like a woman again.
by Wilson/97 March 26, 2018
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Example 1

Person 1: Dude I smoked 17 cigarettes today.
Person 2: Yo you about to get cancer On Spot!
Example 2

Person 1: Bro you got the money?
Person 2: Yeah i got the money On Spot.
by kyaarlis June 3, 2018
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To be forced into making a difficult decision or answer a difficult question
She put me "on the spot" by asking for a ride for a friend. That bitch!
by Monchie~ May 6, 2021
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Otherwise Known as Jake Kuhse. He's short has a spot on the back of his head and is dangerous if with other rats/squirrels. If seen please contact the Cross Country Team.
A North American Spotted Tailess rat is short, furry, spotted and dangerous, be careful.
by zachzach August 30, 2006
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A dime size brown spot left on your underwear after a wet fart.
Jim checked to see if he had a dime spot after he blew a bowl buster.
by willardmcbain September 17, 2013
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