When u shake ur tallywacker over & over, then tuck back in trousers only to leave a “SILLY SPOT” on the outside of pants from leakage..
Damn, I have a silly spot now, what am i gonna do to hide it?
by Orange84 January 30, 2018
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An excuse used by online gaming cheaters to get away with suspicous pre-firing
Besides it being a common prefire spot, I don't know why he would shoot that!
by Guazidas February 9, 2022
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its the action of playing a game that includes bean bags, and planks of wood. it is some what like corn holes but better. when you are drunk you can call it corn spots.
yo, i really want to play corn spot at this hour while drinking numerous brews.
by randoandlando April 6, 2009
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Achronym for "come-on-this" spot; lower back or abdomen tattoo on a particularly easy female. Also known as a tramp stamp.
She thinks she's so hot, but the real reason those guys are all over her is because she's flashing her cot spot at them.
by AnneShine October 21, 2007
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A bar, lounge, or area for friends to hang out and pick up on members of the opposite (or same) sex....depending on how you roll ;)
My fave creep spot on the weekends is Supper Club, cuz you can eat and find some meat ;)
by ErinSommerXO March 24, 2014
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When you follow someone posting every single move they make on a fake social media account for the sole purpose of their mental breakdown and to exacerbate their complete and utter destruction.
Fuck I hate him so much ...... like the paparazzi we are going to follow his ass and make sure that this eves-spotting drags him straight to the worst part of a living hell
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