Marketing is really what spam should be called, as they are essentially synonymous. Any fraudulent e-mails you get, marketing. Any unwanted phone calls from third world countries disguised as local numbers calling to inform you that you've won an all inclusive vacation in the Bahamas? Marketing. The reason marketing isn't called spam is because marketing is actually considered to be a real major in college/post-collegiate studies, and it's all based on bullshit. You couldn't have some fancy college with a "Spam" major. Never trust someone who majors in marketing, or even whose job/career is based on marketing, as these people would swindle their own mother for a quick buck.
Today I turned on my computer, went to check my e-mail, and I found 13 new marketing e-mails in my spam folder.
by Space Wrangler July 6, 2021
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An even lower form of life than the Management Minga. A Marketing Mongrel typically aspires to (a) be a Management Minga, (b)hang out with Management Minga's; but in most cases niether is achievable. Marketing Mongrels engage in activities that even the common cretin would not and incur such names as "Chipmunk", "gumby", or "Number three" through either appearance or behavioural characteristics.
" Man I wish I was a Management Minga. They're so smart and not to mention, HOT!"

" Forget it, once a Markting Mongrel, always a Marketing Mongrel"

"Man, if only I didn't look like a chipmunk...I wonder if I'll get invited to the next minga party"

"doubt it"
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A plan which contains the strategy in which the business expects to achieve their goals. It is usually a subsidiary of the business plan.
Person 1: Dude, how's that marketing plan coming along?

Person 2: Nearly finished it. When it's done, my business is going to run as smooth a train.

Person 1: (Muttering) Yeah, like a train wreck.

Person 2: Did you say something?

Person 1: Nope
by Ashton Knight January 7, 2014
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