Inclined Media is a rising digital marketing agency founded with the sole purpose of helping companies make powerful audience connections with a core focus on brand acceleration and innovation.

As the agency is a 360-degree digital marketing agency it offers services like :
Brand Design and Strategy, Audience Analytics, Content Writing and Strategy, Website Development, Graphic Designing, Social Media and Ads SEO, Email Marketing, Influencer Marketing Social Media Marketing, and PR coverages.

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Inclined Media is the best digital marketing agency in India.
by Aakarsh Srivastava November 23, 2021
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Of or relating to cars that have been done up to look blingy or fast. They range from poorly done paint and stickers, aftermarket kits that are unpainted or painted the wrong color, spoilers, pointless large mufflers, curb feelers, etc. Can almost always be related to dubs on hoopties or cars that are fast and furious.
I would like to get a 1964 Chevy, but all the ones that I've seen have hydraulics or tiny wheels. I don't really want something from the select market.
by Nathan Burns September 18, 2006
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When you stick one of your toes, preferably starting with the pinky toe in a woman’s vagine
imbheading over to Jenny’s tonight and all I want to do is take the piggy to the market!
by goochdaddy757 October 23, 2018
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"Did you see the size of that bird Dave's shagging"
"Yes his, Taking the cow to market"
by Vic140385 July 20, 2008
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A blonde mf that looks like Sid from the ice age.
Wow! Look at that stark market. Ugly mf
by _-___-___-_ December 21, 2021
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We secretly sell toe nails. Our company makes over 3 million dollars in revenue every month. Basically we are a secret underground black market that specializes in selling toe nail clippings.
Imma buy some toe nails from the toe nail black market. I will make a necklace out of them
by Kim song dune September 30, 2019
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