A nightclub frequented by women of low standard who are out to show off there wares in the hope of a sly grope or of making out. These women are normally over 40 or under 18, and most would be mistaken for hookers if they were seen in natural light.

A cattle market is the sort of place that male first year undergraduate students at university go all the time in an effort to get their end away, but this invariably results in the guilty boys leaving the venue with an itch.

The term derives because the women in these clubs are essentially showing themselves off in the hope of being taken home, just as cattle are shown off at cattle markets in the hope of being sold.
Bill: "Let's go down Icon and Diva!"
Pete: "We can't go there, it's a right cattle market!"

"Ooh, I was in Creation last night and pulled this slapper - now I have an itch! Serves me right for visiting such a cattle market!"

"Let's go down to Gatecrasher - I hear it's a real cattle market down there!"
by Jamie Douglas January 5, 2007
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It is a way to make money by referring products on someone else's website to your personal audience or friends.

It's one of the easiest ways to get started making money online because you don't have to create your own products. You can simply practice getting people to buy products that you already use.

An example is proving a list of the top 10 blenders for sale in the USA and having a link to buy each blender at Target, Kohl's, or Macy's. You will get referral fee from those retailers of 1-10% usually.
I am making an extra $500 per month on my new affiliate marketing website.
by Dilemmas.co November 13, 2020
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Where people expect financial investments to rapidly increase, like in the economic boom of the eighties. It is so called, because masses of first-time investors rush head-first into the markets with thier money, expecting to amass riches beyond belief.
Japan's 1980's bull market was so good that, in 1989, Japan was expected to overtake the United states as the world's richest economy. The reccession of the 90's prevented this.

Today, it is just recovering from a bear market
by Kung-Fu Jesus April 18, 2004
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The fastest way to gain money and lose money.
You buy then sell then buy then sell then profit from it or lose money.
Then etc.
Successful Guy: I made billions of dollars every single day on the stock market.
Unsuccessful guy: I lost a lot of money.
Unsuccessful guys friend: What! You spent all my money and lost them?
by Urbanned August 5, 2015
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1. A financial market so fragile that even strong companies are decimated by panic selling on Wall Street. 2. A market with almost no real buyers, only frantic sellers.
In this hollow market, even a safe company like Kraft Foods is tanking.
by Peter Kobs February 17, 2009
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To sink your own ship due to incompetence and arrogance. It is derived from the historical event in which Ocean Marketing chose to challenge Penny Arcade during a string of rude costumer service emails involving a gaming product. This moment of stupidity and arrogance began a chain of events that led to Ocean Marketing's downfall. It has officially replaced the word "titanic" for such events.
As Bob drunkenly bad mouthed his boss at the company holiday party, he had no idea his boss is standing behind him the entire time. Effectively Ocean Marketing his career there.


Man #1 - I was flirting with this girl outside my car window while driving when I smashed into a cop car. There goes my car AND my license!

Man #2 - HA! Good use of Ocean Marketing.
by Beauski December 28, 2011
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Taken. Not single. Someone whom you should leave the fuck alone.

Can be abbreviated to OTM.
Yo, dude. You best quit chasing after her. She's off the market.
by HolyMolly March 5, 2008
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