1. A cheeky British comedian, born Alfred Hawthorn Hill. In 1955 he started the Benny Hill Show on the BBC. The show made it to the U.S. In the 1970s and Hill became an international star until his show was cancelled in 1989. Died 1992. 2. v. The act of slapping a bald person's head repeatedly with total disrespect for the person. Benny Hill made this maneuver famous on his television program. May also be followed with a kick in the ass.
See also hoarkerize.
1. Benny Hill was a comedic genius and an hysterical songwriter/performer.

2. "Dude, have you seen Heimbuck lately? He's so bald that I couldn't help but Benny Hill his ass"
by JnglKng April 22, 2005
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The theory that if you take any video footage, even involving great tragedy, speed it up and play Yakiddy Sax in the background, it will be funny.
When they showed steve irwin's funeral re mixed using the Benny Hill theory, i busted a gut laughing.
by xzybit September 15, 2006
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A verb. To Benny Hill is to chase someone around with an object with goals to insert the object into one of the victims orifices
"Wow we really Benny Hilled Erik good with that wooden penis."
by B Hop April 03, 2006
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