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The town where dreams go to die. Everyone who attends Paul Pewitt is just wading in a cesspool of running trains, smoking weed and swapping partners. The definition of party is a kick back with the same inbred faces you see everyday. Spicing it up is swapping girls with your bro. Hughes Springs is an arch enemy solely because they're all richer and have small dicks but still seem to brag about how good they were at sports years ago. Never the less, omaha has its perks like chilling in the DQ parking lot or fighting in the DQ parking lot or fucking in the DQ parking lot. DQ has seen it all and is the hit spot for dumbass youngsters to hang. Don't worry about those late night muchies, valero next door supplies endless crispitos and they taste bomb as fuck at 3am high as a kite. Brahma mart is chill but not lit, and the cows ass restaurant serves greasy diabetes. Omaha is a tight nit family, we can talk trash all day considering half the people there are trash. But at the end of the day its a chill ass town to grow up in if you can maintain the idea of getting out of there (ntcc does NOT count ya dumb ass whores) and not getting pregnant/knocked up in high school ending up stuck there forever. RIP my guy Lonnie B you were the soul of our town.
Wow Omaha, Tx is chill as fuck but lowkey sucks ass.
by Chilloutho December 25, 2016
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