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the theory that states that all older sisters are hot no matter what

if some girl is ugly and then has a younger brother born
she will miraculously become hot

the older the younger sibling, and the better you know them, the more satisfactory it is to gawk at their sister
especially if the younger sibling is male

if there is a not hot older sister:
1-they have a penis
2-they have a disorder
3-they are bangable at the very least
4-they do not really have younger siblings
5-you are living a lie
guy1-i bet your sister is hot
guy2-how would you know?
guy3-older sister theory, duh.
guy1-id love to watch her in a porno
guy3-rule 34 man
guy2-i assure you there is no porn of my sister
guy1-rule 35
by handsomevirgil January 16, 2010
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