I am from oklahoma and it is NOT a "hick" state, but it IS full of white-trash scum. the girls there are all ugly but still get pregnant by the time they turn 13, and the guys are all billy-badasses and think they're so cool because they take over upscale neighborhoods and shopping centers and start fights with one another, then hop in their leased luxury SUVs.... just like st. louis..... nothin special
man, i just moved to southern florida from tulsa, oklahoma because i was sooo rich that i didn't fit in!
by tulsa July 28, 2005
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"State Troopers that harass people from other states." They only harass you because your a village idiot who can not drive.
Proud to be a Oklahoma State Troopers Daughter
by trooperdaughter February 22, 2009
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A state in the south-central US that has the following qualities.
1. Watered down beer that is at 3.0%
2. Towns such as Tulsa that are Ghetto
3. A crappy university called OU that gets pwn3d by Texas
4. An average income that would make Phillipino sweat shops cry
5. State Troopers that harass people from other states.
6. TPT (see trailer park trash)
7. A resteraunt called the frying pan that will clog your arteries in one sitting.
8. More mullets than anywhere else in the world.
I was in Tulsa, Oklahoma the other day, and a mullet sporting guy attempted to grope my testicles in the parking lot of the Frying pan. That guy must have been drinking two cases of beer!
by Th31337P0st3r May 18, 2007
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Oklahoma is one of the only state in America where there are more cows than people. The landscape his flat out west and hilly in the east. The heat is too intense, yet the winters bring cold and snow. The school system is one of the slowest in the country, but not nearly as bad a Alabama. The people talk country, breath county, and sing country. The cities are small and so are the so called sky scrapers. They cannot afford a pro team and the state is ignorant of the horrible roads. Of just 3 million people, the state is slowly growing, but not for the best. The Oklahoma University is the most popular in Oklahoma, yet still very small.
I can smell the cows, oh, I mean Oklahoma
The boring state, of Oklahoma, gets slaughtered by Texas, and Ohio, in almost every statistic.
by Adam Sparks June 21, 2007
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Safe word for an erection.

Used in reference to the shape of the American state, Oklahoma, with its very long panhandle.
Excuse me, Mr. Schwartz, this math has got oklahoma written all over it...
by S.K.M.Jr. June 25, 2011
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A state where dreams go to die. When one thinks of incest they generally think of Oklahoma, as 93% of the state's marriages are between brother and sister. This was the place where Charles Darwin actually postulated his theory of evolution, as the residents are more evolved than monkeys but less than that of Blacks, kind of like a retarted neanderthal. Many of the states residents enjoy chasing tornadoes, as they descended from the volcano jumpers of Easter Island. The average IQ in Oklahoma is 67, which is legally retarted in 49 states and 183 countries. The internet was discovered in 2009 and the first text message was sent on Jan. 21, 2010, which read " tp diejn." Oklahoma was also where the movie Idiocracy was filmed, as the future world.
You are retarted!
You're from Oklahoma!
by Devon McIntyer February 01, 2011
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