A cute way to say "okay" which you may say to friends, family, or someone your fond of.
by Bell*a October 18, 2015
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term used to represent redneck oklahoma kids who are conceitedly obsessed with themselves and taking pictures with their shirts off, yet are extremely unattractive to all. Often misused to represent "okay."
That annoying Oklahoma kid put up another picture of himself on myspace! *cringe* What an Okie!
by anelloo May 02, 2008
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okay (online word for okay in chat rooms)
"do u like that song?" "ya, it's okie"
by PsyCh0staLk3r November 28, 2002
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A way to say okay/ok without sounding mad
“I’m taking the dog on a walk I’ll be back in 20 minutes
by Issafruit February 20, 2021
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a really retarded way of saying ok, because children think its cute. Whoever says "oki" is a certified 8 year old. It's plain annoying to many people.
Me: yo Ian watch out for that poo over there.
Ian: OKI
my head: tf he just say?
by Purewaterdrinking September 06, 2018
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