Oh?, is a saying most people would use if they come across something odd. Their friend may say something out of the ordinary, by saying "oh?" Means you weren't expecting that.
Friend 1: *out of nowhere* elephants are giant grapes
Friend 2: oh? That's.. Odd.

*searches the internet*
Person 1: ...hmm...
*sees a weird \ funny image*
Person 1: ..hm- Oh?
by Larry-_- November 11, 2018
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“oh” is used when a boy doesn’t know how to be straight up with a girl & day “you’re pretty” so they use “oh”.
*girl posts a picture or a video”
dejuane & kay: oh
by houseofhitztea August 05, 2020
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to respond to something in a way invoking surprise
oh it was me
by ma170 March 26, 2020
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for some reason a lot of girls put this , in lowercase , to hint that they're hurt or something
him: my crush is her

her: oh
by jenna barke August 10, 2019
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Her: “wyd
Me: “nothing but talking to u”
Her: “oh”(daddy)
Me: “huh
Her: “I love you”
by Mainee April 08, 2019
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