The pious alternative to "Oh my god." Used almost exclusively by grandmothers and Southern churchgoers. Antiquated.
"Oh my stars, that poor woman. I always said she deserved better than that man."
by catsnacks October 19, 2015
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The most death metal exclaimation one can make. In the vein of such weaker exclaimations such as "Oh my god." or "WOW".
Oh my stars, I can't believe she just ate shit out of another girls asshole. Nasty shit you download, Luke.
by JayR June 18, 2004
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I saying used when you meet someone you've heard of or touched something that could have reset all your character development

Mainly used in steven universe
Peridot - Oh my stars i touched it! I could've lost all my character development!
by Sky_the_gay_dragon December 18, 2021
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The typical reaction of a Brendan Frasier enjoyer when he or she sees a negro.
by gioisdying February 26, 2023
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